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Photo by Mary Oloumi on Unsplash

As a data scientist, it’s pretty typical to wear many hats. This mix of hats, however, can change company to company and team to team.

Like Greg, I’m in a rotational program (check out his experience on switching teams). It grants me the luxury of trying on a combination of hats sourced from up to three teams in order to find my permanent hat preference. The drawback is that I have to be adept at quickly swapping these hats. …

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If you’re anything like me, just hearing the word stirs at least a twinge of anxiety. Any time I’m reminded of the importance of connections, my mind flashes to my limited philosophy knowledge of treating individuals as a means to an end. In addition, my introverted self has a difficult time making even casual conversation — a skill I’ve worked on through years of practice.

I understood the underlying why of building a network but didn’t know how to comfortably build one. …

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Communication is a skill that is essential for success in the workplace. It can elevate or diminish the power of your work. No matter how flawless your work execution is, without proper communication it will be difficult (dare I say, impossible), to shine.

While thinking of the best way to construct this blog post to complement Cathy’s latest insight on communication, I decided to settle on the idea of what NOT to do in the communication sphere (and how to resolve those mistakes). A lot of these tips stem from good old personal experience. Some of them can be applied…

Continuing on with the theme of “Navigating the Gray”, here is my take on ambiguity in the workplace as a data scientist. Like Greg and Cathy, I am in my first rotation in the SVNT program at SAP. I am currently working in a hybrid role, using data from the Competitive & Marketing Insights (CMI) team and applying it within the SAP.iO Fund & Foundries team. The CMI team works on leveraging data to research and make competitive strategy decisions for SAP. SAP.iO Fund invests and SAP.iO Foundries supports early-stage startups that compliment SAP solutions. Prior to SAP, I studied…


Do you like organization? Do you have a specific method for how you plan your life? Do today’s planners just not measure up to your particularities? Well then, you’re in good company (maybe it is just us, I am not sure). I bullet journaled for a year, thought that would be my new life, but realized that is not the case due to extreme frustration when I would mess up or the aesthetics were not up to par. This led me down the road of thinking maybe an online “create your own” planner was the way to go. However, that…

Okay, so this may not be specifically related to data science but still the tech world nonetheless. For my brother’s very belated Christmas present, I turned old Sony speakers gathering dust in the basement into newfangled wireless ones using a good ole Raspberry Pi circuit board. Mind you, it wasn’t the cheapest project in the world, but the self-satisfaction and recycling an old item is worth it, in my opinion. Below is my best attempt at a tutorial.


I have attached links in case you want to buy these products online and price for reference.
18-Gauge Speaker Wire — $10.98

Here is my data science journey, let’s start from the beginning. I grew up in rural Ohio and was a total bookworm, explorer, and tinkerer. You could find me up a tree reading a book or getting in trouble for sneaking a book under the dinner table. I loved sci-fi and fantasy. Anything involving a spaceship immediately got my attention. If I wasn’t reading, I was exploring. Expeditions included: building my own dam in the creek, hand labeling my toad collection, and capturing bugs (and even a bird once). I lived for exploring odds and ends in my grandparent’s basement…

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